I have been watching and studying Trump and his phalanx of proxies and pundits and I have confirmed the below pattern. In the event you encounter one in the wild do not let them get up a head full of steam, and make sure to point it out any time they use any part of this pattern. Continue to request that they address a different area.

That being said, here is the patented Trump/Pence 2016 campaign talking point format:

  • Interrupt the other person speaking immediately after Donald Trump’s name is mentioned in any negative fashion.
  • Begin to increase your volume until you are speaking louder than they are, but make sure to keep your manner controlled and calm.
  • No matter what, do not stop once you begin talking. Remember, they are not worthy of interrupting you.
  • Any time a claim is made about Donald Trump make sure to begin by saying: “You’re going to criticize Mr. Trump for xxxxxxx, when the Clintons have done way worse things to the American people for years!”
  • Better to reply with a false fact than no response. Fact checkers are out there, but they can’t check everything, be creative.
  • Laugh when you are unable to quickly come up with any counterpoint.
  • When all else fails, answer things with an open-ended question, as if to imply a conspiracy.
  • Incredulity is a tone that cannot be overused.
  • If they are for Mr. Trump, refer to them as patriots or Americans. If they are not for Mr. Trump refer to them using as many condescending adjectives as possible to describe them.
  • Never give up.