Imagine when you leave your house you always try to make sure your phone is charged and there’s enough space on it to record videos. 

And imagine that every time you see a law enforcement officer you get a cold, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. So you sit up a little straighter and check the speed if you’re driving. It’s always good to stay a few miles an hour below the speed limit. 

You worry about the little things, a faulty brake light, driving through strange towns… you get the idea. You feel like every traffic stop is akin to navigating a nazi border crossing. 

You’re a part of a growing population that records every interaction they have with the police, just in case. While this only adds to the tension in any given situation, the alternative is so much worse. Just imagine. 

And, of course, you wish it was your imagination, but instead you know people who’ve had to use recordings like that to posthumously defend their loved one’s death, thereby quite literally adding insult to injury. 

And imagine you hope you can vote to change this climate, but the polling place in your neighborhood (and those like it) has been closed down, so now you’re not even sure you’ll be able to because you don’t have enough time to get all the way across town to vote without ending up late to your second job.

Can you imagine?! Well, if you’re white in America, that’s probably the only way you’ll likely experience these things anyway.