Everything you want to know about whether you can trust Donald Trump’s word as a politician can be distilled from the path of his promise to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. 

It was his flagship promise. It helped put him on the map. It has even developed into a call and response statement at his rally’s: “Who’s gonna build it?!”, he asks. And the masses scream back “MEXICO!!!”

You can get feel the waves of hate and fear coming off the crowd like molten lead. 

He rose up in the polls by threatening to build The Wall. His bold idea attracted the likes of David Duke, and he’s been endorsed by the Neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer. They all love The Wall.

The more he talked about The Wall the more he attracted supporters who were ready to attack protestors. The more protestors were attacked, the more they came. The idea that someone from another country is to blame for our problems is seductive. It gets the masses stirred up. How do we protect ourselves? We need to build The Wall!!

But then the primaries were over and Donald found himself dropping in the polls when he wasn’t pandering to his base. And so, The Maker of Deals started to temper his fiery rhetoric. Donald began to talk about separating the law abiding foreigners from the scum. Donald played politics. And we began to see how he measured his speech to not be pinned down to any promises. But sometimes he also just did an about-face and flat out lied about what he had said. But the way he went about it was amazing! He presented his version of the truth in such a bold, brash way that we found ourselves repeatedly checking videos and transcripts to see if we were crazy or was he really lying right to our face without shame!

But he’d still mentioned The Wall in interviews occasionally, almost humbly and apologetically at times, as if to say “I know it sucks that we’re at this point. I hate it. But I’ll be willing to make an exception and help you guys, even though I don’t want to have to do it.” Then he goes back on the stump and… “Who’s gonna build it?!”…  “MEXICO!!!”

Donald went to Mexico the other day. He wanted to meet with the Mexican president and look presidential. “And what did you and President Enrique Peña Nieto talk about?”, the reporters asked Donald. “Well we didn’t get around to talking about who’s going to pay for the wall.” Donald flatly stated (Which is hard to believe considering some of the things President Nieto has said he thinks about Donald’s ideas and his Wall.) That’s because, it turns out, Mexico’s President started the meeting by making sure to say Mexico would not be paying for his idiotic wall!

You see, Donald can read a room. Donald can manipulate a deal. And Donald can rip someone off and be okay with it. He has no conscience. But when he got schooled by a world leader he fell in to line and made nice about The Wall. It probably went something like this: “What? The paying for the wall?! You believed that?! Come on! That was a stupid joke. It’s the kind of thing you say to get the yokels on board. Don’t worry there’s not going to be a wall, we both know that.”

And Donald hoped no one would ask about it. And in typical form he bold-face lied about it to the reporters while standing next to President Nieto in a press conference. Think about it! He lied while standing in from of a room full of people with cameras and recording  equipment while he was right next to the guy who knows the truth. The balls on this guy! And of course Mexico’s president came back with the truth and made Donald look bad.

This is his idea of foreign policy. This is his first foray into the realm of actual world politics and this is how he represents us, not himself. He is supposed to represent the people of the United States. What do his actions say about us?

Ask yourself this. What makes you think that Donald will change his behavior if elected?  What makes you think he won’t continue to lie to, and manipulate the press, other world leaders, the citizens of the United States and anyone else who gets in his way? What makes you think he won’t get worse? What makes you think that the power of the Presidency won’t go to his narcissistic head and explode, creating one of the most dangerous world leaders in a generation?

The Wall and it’s short history can tell you everything you need to know about Donald and how he approaches the rest of the word. Think about it. Read up on it. Educate yourself. 

If you’ve never seen it, Pink Floyd released a movie called The Wall back in the 80’s. The above link is of a scene that accurately foreshadowed the coming of Donald and his rally’s. Click the link and watch. Then ask yourself if it’s too late yet. 

We need to get out the vote!