As we grow, we learn. And as we learn we hopefully develop new perspectives on things. And as we gain new perspective we can sometimes change our position on something we believe strongly in, even if the new position can sometimes appear to conflict with our original position. That’s called growth.

That is, unless you’re a politician.

If you’re a politician in America you are expected to have an position on everything (especially controversial topics), and you’re required to maintain those positions for life.

Now, as a politician, you may be privy to all kinds of classified information that the general public isn’t. And that information may be so crucial that it gives you a whole new perspective on things. But here’s the rub… if you disclose that you learned something new and now see things differently, you’re a flip-flopper. 

Well, only if we don’t like you. If we like you you’re not a flip-flopper, you’re an informed and dynamic leader!

I say all of this because Donald Trump is getting piled on today regarding an apparent change to his position on deporting those illegals. He insists he hasn’t changed his tune. Of course the opposition insists he has. His supporters come running to his aid, and his detractors are squealing with glee. Next week it will be Hillary they jump all over. I hate it all in a balanced bipartisan fashion. 

But wouldn’t it be great if politicians were allowed to say “I’ve learned something new and it’s made me look at things differently. Here’s what I think we should do now.”

Sadly we will not allow our politicians to be human. And that’s why’ve we ended up where we are today.  People are now willing to vote for someone just because he cusses and throws insults around. To them it appears authentic and honest, and that’s refreshingly new in politics. But is it real?

In the end, politicians act the way they do because we vote for them when they do. We ask to be lied to because we leave them very little alternative responses, and very few people have the self assuredness to withstand being attacked on so many fronts and still remain true to their position. And those that do are so rare as to be treated as political pariahs because they have the nerve to see the innevitable ramifications of things and point them out years before the general public demands the same, forcing the other politicians to pivot and smile as if they knew it all along.