A couple days ago I asked: “What happens when a masculine looking woman, who was born a woman, gets “profiled” as one of those ‘sicko perverts’, only to be found out that she has a hoohoo and is right where she belongs?” Well, I wish I could predict lottery numbers with that line of accuracy. The difference of course, let’s face it, is that this kind of stupidity was a sure thing, unlike lotteries. See the story at the end of my rant…

For a few years now my daughter Amelia has been an active and open proponent for the LGBTQ community, and I’m proud of her for that. For myself I have always tried my best to see people as humans, plain and simple. I have tried to use Buddhist principles to remind myself that we each contain that seed of Buddha nature within, and that itself is what matters. This extends to all living things. We are all connected on a level that is completely invisible when obscured by any form of prejudice. 

Most of my life I have struggled against authority in its many forms. In fact it’s pretty much been at the core of most of the trouble I’ve been in. But more than that, the inability to keep my mouth shut in the face of injustices of all kinds has always been as unavoidable to me as scratching a particularly bothersome itch. And so when I was faced with the situation I posted about a little over a week ago I found myself beyond angry. Angry at the obvious directing of a ‘grownup’s’ fears upon someone who is essentially defenseless, in this case a child. I couldn’t sit by, and did what I could to help. To this day I regret not doing more in terms of direct confrontation (possibly in a nice flowery sundress) to make the chickenshit coward’s skin crawl. 

I rarely get knee-deep into an issue so quickly, but this one is as wrong as can be. It is wrong on a civil rights level, wrong on a constitutional level, wrong on a moral level, and the bulk of the war is being waged by cowards so full of fear that they can only strike out from behind microphones and keyboards. They stir up the troops with threats of hell fire and damnation, dissolution of society’s fabric, and the befoulment of all that is decent. They then call to action their random troops in ways devoid of any honor, but bursting with devious and gutless pride. They will only say things to those who they are not personally threatened by: children younger than them, those of less physical stature, doing it in public places to avoid a scene. They spit their poisonous comments and run off. Shoot and retreat. Shoot and retreat. They post incendiary videos online, but in public mumble under their breath. They cherry pick scripture, and avoid those that condemn their own actions. In short they are the worst kind of humans. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s something I’m no longer going to be silent about. I will now do what I can, when I can. I’ll use my words online, my mind and contacts for persuasion, and my body for action where it is called for, and when I’m witness. 

No one should live in fear over something like this. The white and the black drinking fountains were never about the quality of the water, it was about the fear of the unknown, the lack of scientific understanding, and the need to exercise power over another living being to mask ones own inadequacies. 

Yet people like former Speaker of the House of Congress Dennis Hastert (a monster who had tons of political clout and used it to victimize multiple children for his own sadistic sexual perversions) is allowed to harm for years despite evidence that there was a problem. Why? Because he has the right ‘credentials’: white, male, Christian, public servant, etc. Whereas a Transgender person who was agnostic and also in public service would automatically be suspect. All because of prejudice. 

Prejudice is simply defined as “an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.” and if that doesn’t apply here, what does. Especially based on the nonexistent record used to prop up these civil rights violations. 

It’s time to fight back. Call people out louder than they are accusing. It’s time to exercise, its time to form cohesive political action committees to assert our religious rights… the right to not follow religion! If organized, our numbers can begin to suffocate this festering wound of fear and hate that hides behind scripture for convenience.

It’s time to teach them to mind their own business. And it’s time to begin questioning theirs. I for one think that if any church wants to stick it’s nose in to areas of politics, legal issues and civil rights, they should only be allowed to do so as tax payers. If your church pays taxes, it may have a say. No one who is freely funded by my taxes has any right to tell me where I can piss, what I can wear, or who I can marry. 

Please pass this on and let’s start putting some pressure on these hypocrites!