A couple of months ago I was witness to the damage caused by the poisons of fear and hate. This time the attack was directed at a little girl, from a full grown man. 

You see he had promised to take her shopping for Mother’s Day so she could get her mother (his girlfriend) a present. And so that evening, the Saturday before Mother’s Day, she asked for a ride to Target.

He refuses.

In fact he flips out because Target has unisex bathroom! And it’s possible some perverted fag could walk in the bathroom and do who knows what! No way was he going to chance that!!!

It turns in to a full blown fight between a middle aged man and a 13 year old girl. She is left heartbroken and sitting outside texting family members for help. He sits inside to catch up on Fox News. 

So I drive out to their place and pick her up. When I pull up, she simply gets in the car, very stoically, and we talk. 

The story is simple, and easy to guess. You see ever since Donald Trump has hit the scene with his “straight talk” this guy has been getting worse and worse with his opinions. Because Trump has said that it’s okay to to make fun of disabled people. It’s okay to denounce people of different sexual orientations. And if you’re skin is any color other than white or orange, you have no rights. 

And so a full grown man took it out on a girl trying to get her mother a present. And when she told him she was getting picked up by me to go shopping for the present, his reply was to tell her that maybe there’s room at our house for her. 

This is Trump’s real legacy: Hate. Hate and fear. And the real victims are the rest of us. And not everyone has someone they can call for help. But if you are someone who can be of help, please do. And continue to so for as long as you can. Because this poison acts slowly, and it lasts for at least a generation.

The only way we’re going to survive this period of our history is if we meet that level of hate with twice as much the compassion. It’s the only known antidote.