Many of us identify as a Republican or Democrat, a liberal or a conservative, or maybe a progressive or an independent. We see news stories of infuriating things people on the “other side of the isle” do or say, and it makes us sure of our own position. We can’t stand “them” and what they’re doing to taxes, our country and our economy… and on it goes.

But what about when you’re driving and you come to an intersection and someone waves you through. Do you try to find out if they vote Democrat, then scream at them and accuse them of trying to institute socialism? Or do just drive and wave thanks?

When you get flat tire and a stranger pulls over to help, do you ask them if they vote Republican and refuse their help and accuse them of corporate greed because their tires are inflated?

In other words, are you angry at the people themselves or the stories the news tell you about people who vote a certain way? Do you disagree with the person, or the ideology the politicians describe to you as they try to create division for the sole purpose of votes?

Are we really that divided and broken, or are we just told we are?