Have you ever heard of a Buddhist Prayer Wheel? It’s essentially a cylinder with a prayer/mantra written in Sanskrit around the outside. The inside will have a “Tree of Life” core, around which are also wrapped countless more prayers and mantras. 

The purpose of, and belief in, the wheel is that each time a person turns these wheels while focusing their intention, they generate karmic merit. Similar to the how praying aloud helps for others. 

So, how could you harness such a concept in modern life and make it work for you?

Well as computer security becomes more complex, and correspondingly important, it is becoming more common for people to create “pass-phrases” instead of passwords. Longer and more complex codes that can be relatively simple for a user to remember.

So here’s a thought… Why not make your passcode a mantra or prayer so that each time you have to enter it you center yourself back in to a spiritual space.

So rather than your dog’s name as a password such as “Fluffy69” why not point your mind toward a more calming and centering intention like “M@yGodcomfOrtYou”, or “Om Vajr@pan!Hum”

Just a thought. It’s one way to make a stressful process more spiritual, and secure.