Former Speaker of the House/former Unitied States Congressman/former House Minority Whip/former Republican Party Presidential candidate/current political consultant/current cheerleader for Donald Trump… THE Newt Gingrich has spoken! 

And, well, if we’ve all heard correctly he has made it clear that he believes that believers of Allah (a.k.a. God, the One God, the God of Abraham) should be subject to unconstitutional investigations and questionings. And based on their answers, that we should deport them. 

So, of course to deport someone you have to strip them of their citizenship if they are a citizen, but I’m sure that’s just a formality in his mind. But since he proposes putting all mosques under 24 hour surveillance, I’m sure he’s not terribly worried about any civil rights violations, let alone wiping his ass with the Constitution.

So screw the First Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”  I guess that when it comes to violent religious fundamentalists, the only ones that he feels should retain citizenship are the  block-headed racists in white sheets and mossy oak. 

Now to be fair he did clarify that he was really only concerned with those who believe in sharia law… For those unfamiliar with sharia law, it is basically a form of law where the most radical fundamentalist believers of a religion get to dictate what the laws of a country should be (any resemblance to Christian fundamentalists seeking to do things like enacting Constitutional amendments to override a woman’s right to make health choices for herself should be immediately ignored)

He also believes that anyone who visits a website that is favorable to ISIS or Al Qaeda should be immediately charged with a felony (I’m sure that those in our intelligence community would be exempt from such limitations or prosecutions, having earned our trust in the areas of surveillance and covert operations). However, anyone doing research, writing a news article,  or even being actually curious about the belief structure should be forever branded felons according to the Newt. 

The Newt has always had his own ideas on morality and deciding who can do what (excluding his own actions of course). If you don’t believe me, just ask Bill Clinton. Therefore it’s important to assume the Newt isn’t done yet. He has become one of the right’s primary attack dogs, and he hasn’t had any of his shots.

To get an idea where we are headed I recommend you read the following italicized part in Donald Trump’s voice: “I’ve heard people saying… and I mean lots of people are saying it… That Newt is going to be burning copies of Huckleberry Finn and Farenheit 451 next week on Capital Hill. These books are very overrated. And I know great books! I’ve written and read some of the greatest books ever!”

The Newt appears to have given in to the fear. And fear has justified more atrocities than any other emotion. Fear of crime, fear of people who look or act different, fear of losing your political potency, fear of a terrorist attack around every corner. Now I’m not saying that I don’t have concerns about public safety at times myself. But I refuse to give up the freedom and liberties that are our national right. Nor am I willing to stand by and watch someone marginalize an entire population because of the risks that a tiny fraction of them present. Ask Japanese Americans how well that worked out last time.

So the guy who was once third in line in the succession of power in the United States is now an attack dog for one of the most unpredictable and unstable presidential candidates in history. He is opportunistically using terror attacks and coups overseas to amplify the existential threat within our country, all for political payoff. Fear and anger are great ways to divert votes away from your political opponent, and it has always been one of the Newts strengths. But make no mistake, he has always been interested in how it can benefit him first. And he’s never cared about the wreckage he leaves behind.

So for the sake of all Arab Americans who came here for a better life, for the sake of the 99.9% of Muslims in America who are just as horrified by these attacks as the rest of us (or maybe more since they know that jerkoffs like Trump and Gingrich will look to them as if there’s some sort of Muslim telepathy that makes them culpable), don’t let these jokers scare the voters toward some sort of Apprentice version of a police state aimed at Armageddon. Don’t let them make racism and isolationism the rule, instead of the exception.

And remember, the thousands of american’s who have put their lives on the line and even died to protect our freedom and liberty did so with the hope that we wouldn’t knuckle under during the tough times. And that we wouldn’t listen to someone like The Gingrich who stole Liberty, a creature with a heart 2 sizes too small… working for The Great Orange Drumpf, a creature with hands that are two sizes too small. Both of which dream of a perfect state full of those who think like them, and the rest of us are controlled, or on the last cattle car out of town.