So it seems that as people gathered to celebrate Bastille Day in the city of Nice, France, some asswipe with an inherited grudge and a holy book decided to see how many people he could kill with an ordinary truck and a few weapons.

France has become an open wound that has not been allowed to heal. I’m angry and I’m sad. These attacks are a cancer on the world, and upon real Islam.

The teachings that the attackers are acting out of are nothing more than a distortion of someone’s favorite surah, picked over and embellished upon, then delivered in a madrassas somewhere where poverty is high and hope is low. With enough emphasis on the right lines they make an angry child grow up into a murderous adult.

The people who teach it are cowards preying on the desperate to do their attacking for them, while they round up more martyrs to prepare for the next round… They themselves will never step forward. No, they act like every other fundamentalist religious cult leaders: They select key teachings, skip over the inconvenient ones, and then rile up the masses looking for angry idealistic youths willing to give their life to the cause. Meanwhile the puppet masters sit back in the shadows, preaching purity and religious law to the most vulnerable. They create monsters of hate, who are willing to attack upon command. They target the people of a country that offered them sanctuary during a time of need. A hypocritical violation to the way they themselves were raised to treat guests in their own homes, back before they were driven out them.

A lot of people own stock in the blame. There are political actions going back generations that have lead to this, but the blame gets sidelined tonight. Tonight my heart goes out to everyone who the pain of this attack will touch. They are many. Too many.