There’s a whole lot more to suicide prevention

This one was tough to put into words, even more so in writing.

You know, I’m glad that people are shocked and motivated to raise awareness about suicide since the passing of Anthony Bordain, and Kate Spade. Similar concerns erupted around Robin Williams suicide a few years ago too. But unfortunately, it’s very likely that these concerns will have to get voiced again, and again, since this problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

Awareness is a good thing, but in and of itself, it’s not very practical. Compassion, and awareness need to be paired with action to show their real effectiveness. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying awareness is useless. I mean, it sure beats some of our other bright ideas, like ‘life’s a beach’ T-shirts, truck balls, and Budweiser mirrors, but it is only awareness after all.

Suicidal ideations don’t usually just come out of nowhere. Usually those kinds of thoughts are like an old friend that has quietly whispered never ending doubts into your ear for many years. And it’s not usually a threatening voice either. In fact, to the some sufferers it’s a very reassuring one, because it’s the only one that offers anything resembling relief, however final it may be. While the idea of suicide may seem a tad drastic at first, with constant nudging from that voice, it begins to lose that feeling of being such an “extreme act”.

It should be universally understood that someone is no longer functioning normally when they are willing to conclude that everyone they care about (and who cares about them) would be better off if they were no longer alive. It should be, but it isn’t. Instead, people confuse depression with sadness, in much the same way a very vocal minority confuses climate with weather.

For the sufferer, anything that interferes with their ability to wallow in their own thoughts, gets jettisoned quickly. The passage of time is only relevant to how long it’s been since their last bout. For years the voice has been convincing them how minor their death will be, that everyone is better off, and how it has always been an option. And the more they listen, the more powerful it becomes, just like Hyde did to Dr. Jeckyl.

If you know someone is struggling, you need to reach out to them. Think for a second about how willing you are to reach out when you’re feeling down… a lot of us would just like crawl back to bed, at the very least. So take a few minutes out of your day to talk with them and catch up. Make sure to stay in touch with them, because a huge part of the problem is the almost total inability to ask for help!

If we know someone who might actually need help, we should encourage them to talk to their doctor or seek another form of help. We should keep in touch with them, and follow up. We need more human contact, we’re all beginning to realize how much of that we’ve given up for our phoneputers. And I’m probably guiltier of it than most.

I’d love to wrap this up in a nice bow that tells everyone how we can fix it. Yeah… that’s not how this works. Helping people can be inconvenient sometimes, but we aren’t going to solve some of our more ‘human’ problems without getting right in there and showing that we give a shit.

The time for jokes is over

Okay, seriously… What the hell the is going on in this world?

The news media are the real enemy of the people?!

The United States is forcibly separating parents from their children at our borders?!

Canada is getting accused of being a national security threat?!

Putin admits in an interview, that he talks to Donald Trump “all the time”?!

Donald Trump had a propaganda film created, and then showed it to Kim Jong-un at their summit. North Korea then walked away with endless video material to snip, recombine, and loop endlessly. The resulting videos will show the moment that North Korea became a dominant force on the world’s stage, just like the United States.

America, as I have known it

Being an American does not mean you should or shouldn’t possess a gun, but we should respect each other’s right to choose either. It’s a gun, it’s designed to kill people. You should be glad not everyone wants to do that.

Being an American does not depend on where you were born. We are all a mix, and we always have been. No one likes to be the last one picked for a team, so don’t be a jerk.

Being an American does not mean you need to speak a particular dialect, and we have never had an official language. Don’t be so self-centered, you look and sound different to other people too.

Being an American does not mean we must obey a particular religion or God, but we sure do know enough to keep them all out of our laws. If everyone doesn’t believe in something, then there’s no way you can rule with it. Ignoring this always leads to uprisings.

Being an American means you don’t need to know the words to our national anthem, or even to stand up during it. There’s people who think you should, and others who think you shouldn’t. The wonderful thing about freedom is when you get to exercise it.

Being an American does not mean you have to submit to an arranged marriage, or any marriage for that matter. And if you do want to marry someone else, we are finally beginning to realize that it’s no one’s business who you fall in love with. No matter how closed-minded people can be, no one like’s to be told what to do.

Being an American does not mean you have to fit in one of the predetermined parties that we group people by in politics. In fact, most of us rarely like everything that comes bundled up by a single political group. It’s almost as if people are actually different. That’s a good thing.

Being an American does not mean you have to like your president. In fact, we have always believed that a peaceful protest to can help right the wrongs we sometimes make. America has always tried to assure that the minority opinion gets heard. And when it doesn’t, it is our right to engage in constructive dissent to see that it does.

Being an American means that we recognize the world is bigger than us, most people are different from us, nothing is forever, a majority does not equal harmony, we don’t like bullies and monarchs, and we prefer to change our public servants often.

Being an American means that we take the good with the bad, and strive to be better next time. It means that you shouldn’t insult others for protesting during an anthem, especially if you can’t remember the words to our other national ballads.

Being an American means that we do believe, we do care, and we are united. But what we care about, what we believe in, and what we unite over, is different for each of us.

We are strong because we are different. We are special because we are equal. The most aggressive are the most afraid. And what looks like the end always brings a new beginning.

Too much to write about…

The President doesn’t know the words to God Bless America.

He accused Canada of being a national security threat, backing it up with accusations that they torched the White House.

The State Department used D-Day invasion as a way of emphasizing our long-standing alliance with Germany.

The EPA administrator has accrued so many scandals that he has single-handedly taken much of the press attention off the White House.

In an effort to have a more inclusive White House, attempted murderers and spousal abusers can now get a high level security clearance.

Known Russian moles are invited directly into the Oval Office, while FBI agents investigating espionage, are labeled as spies.

Nitwit excludes football players, for taking a knee.

Oh, and if you are LGBTQ, you are not allowed to have dessert at your own legal wedding.

It’s even funnier now

Okay, so I recently found out there are these chew things for dogs called ‘bully sticks’. The first time I saw one I picked it up and sniffed it… and then I reacted in much the same way Mike Pence would if he accidentally walked into a gay bar, with a gay marriage taking place, AND someone was asking him to dance… In other words, to say that ‘I recoiled in deepest loathing’ would be fairly accurate.

“What the fuck are these things?!”, I blurted out.

“I don’t know, but my dog goes ape shit for these things.”, my brother replied. He likes to refer to the very large, very furry, over-productive saliva factory, as a dog.

Anyway, these ‘stink sticks’ happened to still be in their “container” (really just a bundle of smelly brown sticks bound together with nothing more than pre-printed tape. Of course, it’s also stuck directly to the product. Yum!).

Anyway, I read the ingredients: Contains: 100% beef pizzle

Beef… yup, got that one.

Pizzle? What the hell is a pizzle?

Well we’re into it this far, so out comes the phone, and a quick Google search reveals… I burst out laughing.

“What?!”, he asked. “What is it made out of? Do I want to know?”

“”I don’t know, I said. It depends on whether you want to know why they smell so bad. Because you’re feeding your dog a dried, smoked, and pre-packaged bull penis.”

Unfettered Constitutional Authority

Do you remember that time the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails? And wasn’t it amazing when President Obama got involved and just made them shut down the investigation because he just knew it was a witch hunt?

And remember when the president had his team of lawyers draft a brief to explain why they felt that President Obama had the absolute right to do so, and then conservatives completely agreed once they read the watertight legal argument?

Remember that? I’ve even posted an excerpt here:

“Indeed, the President not only has unfettered statutory and Constitutional authority to terminate the FBI Director, he also has Constitutional authority to direct the Justice Department to open or close an investigation, and, of course, the power to pardon any person before, during, or after an investigation and/or conviction. Put simply, the Constitution leaves no question that the President has exclusive authority over the ultimate conduct and disposition of all criminal investigations and over those executive branch officials responsible for conducting those investigations.”