a pale rider

I work in IT. And I have always felt that if your tech department is doing a really good job you don’t really see them around much. And, that’s actually a good thing.

But some people don’t always think so. Some people start to wonder what these techies do all day. Because, when everything is working certain people sometimes forget that things are there in the first place, and that there may actually be competent people behind them who keep things functioning.

Unfortunately, when all you care about is cutting costs, it can be easy to ignore the fine details. Besides, they just make things messy, and they only slow the necessary cuts. Just rip that bandaid off!

The thing is, eventually emergencies happen. And, in every life a little rain must fall. But, that’s also when you get to see where that roof you’ve been neglecting is leaking from.

Emergencies always exploit the weaknesses created by aggressively rapacious mismanagement (And remember, never underestimate the lengths those responsible for that systemic damage will go to in order to hide their culpability).

And that’s just doing tech support in most small business these days! HAHAHA! Could you imagine if that happened on a bigger scale? Like, if the President of the United States did something stupid like partially defunding the CDC, and hamstringing its ability to respond to something like a worldwide pandemic. And then to really F- things up, he puts a science-denying religious zealot in charge who would much prefer to take up snakes against us sinners, than to have to coordinate a scientifically based, global health effort meant to save our eternally damned asses.

The Election Threat – Part 347

*Sorry for the mid-post edit. But by some snafu of editing, two paragraphs switched places.

Yesterday’s news reports were saying that U.S. Intelligence officials had recently briefed Congress on Russia’s current efforts to re-elect Donald Trump. When it became known that this briefing had already happened, the president went, well… ape-shit.

And no, not because he was upset that a foreign power would have the gall to try to intervene in a U.S. election (like his 44 predecessors would have done). Nope. This guy got pissed because other parts of our government now have this damaging information. And also because (and this part can’t be understated when it comes to Trump), one of those people was Adam Schiff. A man who clearly appears to terrify Donald Trump because of his sheer tenacity.

This appears to have upset the president to the point that he felt he had to shit-can the Director of National Intelligence. Again, not something any of his 44 predecessors would have done, for fear of how the American people would have perceived a move like that. However, Donald Trump has never indicated that he actually cares about what roughly 59% of the country thinks because they don’t agree with him. And his world that’s enough. To him, they are now nothing more than pesky impediments to his need to rig the scales.

So Trump had a hissy fit and then simply replaced the Director of National Intelligence with the next in a long line of temporary and disposable sycophants, all of which are sure that they alone are special to him.

This kind of news can really send my mind in a million different directions, none of which are good. And certainly not if you are like me, and prefer your country maintaining some autonomy in this world.

This is serious shit. This kind of national betrayal goes way beyond just “conservatives finally get to own the cucks”. This is the kind of crisis that has large swaths of the American population suddenly looking at one another, wondering who’s going to be the one to step forward and lead us all this worsening juggernaut of ever-worsening strife.

Last night as the evening news was broadcasting this latest development in our national crisis, one part of my brain began to go into alarm mode. Yet at the same time my parental instincts were awakened to the danger, and began to actively search for a more comforting interpretation of this reality to portray to my children.

For me, that’s the biggest crime President Trump has committed. He has threatened my family’s safety and security simply because he had no self-control or moral compass, and now he needs to protect his own extremely thin skin.

He’s Got Corruption On The Run

Yesterday, Donald Trump showed the world just how focused he is on corruption. And never before have a U.S. president’s actions been so illustrative.

We might have doubted how focused on corruption he was when he sent his neighborhood buddy and newly anointed personal lawyer and fixer, Rudy Ghouliani to Ukraine to uncover the deeply hidden evidence of corruption that only someone like Rudy could identify. But, despite our doubt and his having one of the best intelligence organizations in the world at his fingertips, Trump intuitively knew that only Rudy could produce this kind of evidence he needed.

However, yesterday when Donald Trump decided to pardon Rob Blagojevich, Bernie Kerik, and Michael Milken, he was showing the world just how devoted he was to corruption. Trump was resigned to the fact that, despite the deep lessons that he and Susan Collins knew that he had learned during his impeachment, it was necessary for him to forge on and continue to work on corruption in ways that only he alone could.

Don’t for a minute believe that this is somehow a real world equivalent of the mass breakout of Death Eaters from Azkaban. This is a carefully orchestrated summoning of individuals with unique talents, who are now indebted to Donald Trump, and who will help him get done what he needs getting done.

Don’t be fooled by this flurry of seemingly crazy and unrelated pardons, it is by no means a smokescreen for the upcoming pardons for Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. It’s just a happy coincidence in Trump’s personal crusade with corruption. Nor is this some sort of public celebration of his exoneration by Mitch McConnell’s Senate. And it most definitely isn’t a giant middle finger to the millions of Americans who have always been able to trust that in America no one is above the law.


Why do I feel like Mitch McConnell is the kind of guy who has been harboring a deep, poisonous resentment ever since the third grade when he ended up being the only boy in the town’s history who didn’t get invited to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

One day years from now as he lay dying, he‘ll probably even get to have his own little villainous Rosebud moment as he drifts off…

“See Mary Lou! I showed them. I showed them all.”


I have been thinking this over for a while, and like many others, I have arrived at the belief that we need to prepare for what will undoubtedly be the most dangerous election season in American history. And we should also be prepared for the fact that whether or not Trump loses the 2020 election or he terms out four years later, I see no evidence that Donald Trump would ever relinquish any sort of power. Certainly not willingly, and certainly not without a fight.

What makes me think this? First off, there’s already no reason to believe he will act like everyone is hoping he will act if he loses the election. When has he ever acted like other presidents would when the stakes were high? Why should we expect him to start doing so now that the stakes are at their highest?

There are so many things that have already surfaced in the news about Trump that if a any normal citizen had done them, they’d have been prosecuted without question. We also know that it’s quite possible there are sealed indictments out there waiting for him right now. And we also know that he knows that too!

So with that as my framework, I simply considered everything I know about Donald Trump’s behavior in situations where there is some societal norm expected of him but his ego’s been bruised. I thought about how his machine functions when they need a patsy to discredit an unfavorable event for Trump. I then added 2 + 2 and asked myself, “Do I think Donald Trump would ever do anything at all where he would put himself in legal peril, of any sort?”

That was all it took for me. Seriously, give this a try.

And I want you to remember that his supporters have already created an environment where he is essentially exempt from any accountability while he remains the president. We also know that he will disavow even his oldest friend, and without hesitation scapegoat a hero in front of the world. Top that all off with the fact that he is not only being allowed to violate societal norms with regularity, but his supporters are encouraging it more and more with each previous breach.

I think we are in for an incredibly dirty, and extremely dangerous election season at the very least. Because I know there is nothing that Donald Trump wouldn’t be willing to try in order to escape responsibility for any action he takes, all while defending his rights to have acted as he did.

There is nothing he has ever said or done that would indicate he is capable of willingly walking away from power. And always remember how willing his supporters are to hurt others with impunity.

Too many people believe this is still about just an election.

God is

God is
growth beyond –
growth beyond –
beyond –
and absolve

God is
growth beyond –
and persons
growth beyond –
and policies
beyond –
beyond –

God is
growth beyond –
and want
growth beyond –
beyond –
and have not

God is
growth beyond –
and concepts
growth beyond –
and success
beyond –
and dogma
beyond –
thou shalt
and shalt not

God is
growth beyond –
growth beyond –
beyond –
and acceptable

God is
growth beyond –
the need
to name
him or it
her or thou
thy or me

God is
growth beyond –
and tomorrow
growth beyond –
beyond –

God is
growth beyond –
and delight
growth beyond –
and beyond –

God is
growth beyond

God is

God is

I did it…

I made it to vote. Cloudy and overcast and me in sunglasses. Lots of ‘WTF?’ looks for that one. Can barely get to the polls because some candidate is circumlocuting to a gaggle of spotlights. Throw up arms like a vampire and grumble for them to let me get by so I can actually vote.

If I can get there today, I’m sure you can too!

Primary Day

Wake up at about 11:45 PM for an unknown reason. Decide to watch Dixville Notch vote at midnight. See 5 people check each other in to vote. Same billionaire wins both parties primaries. Lose faith in humanity. Try to go back to sleep, have trouble. Wake up again at 5:30 AM with a migraine that rivals some of the worst I’ve ever had. Wonder out loud (in colorful language) how I can drive to work today, let alone vote in a fucking presidential primary. Realize my problem is some sort of representative microcosm of American healthcare and politics. Lose a little more hope. Post about all of it in the hopes that I can convince more people to vote to compensate for everyone who can’t, or won’t, or who’ve been disenfranchised. Proceed to lay on couch while Bruce Cockburn’s ‘Call it Democracy’ bounces around inside my head.

Please get out and vote. Thank you

Delegates and Resentments

CNN Headline: “Buttigieg gets the most delegates and Sanders comes in second, Iowa Democratic Party says

This headline is probably single-handedly sending a few people off the deep end. Why? Because, just like in 2016 Bernie is getting the popular vote, but not the delegates. And of course, in this case the DNC is far more willing to agree with the Electoral College.

Over the course of the weekend I had a few friends text me about their concerns for Bernie as the New Hampshire Primary approaches. Most of them, lamented in one form or another, “Why are the Democrats being so mean to Bernie?”

My answer was always the same: They’re not. They’re doing what every organization does. Protecting their own. Unfortunately, in this case, just like in 2016, they may be cutting off their nose despite their face.

Look, in the end the DNC is a just another business with a brand that they feel is threatened. In the end, political parties care about their own survival first. It’s how they make their money, and support their own candidates up and down the ticket. And since political parties are mostly about portraying a collection of common values to voters, whenever someone from the outside threatens to up-end those values, they get defensive. The Democratic Party is a business with a brand, and it’s one that Bernie doesn’t adhere to. However, his values closely aligned with democratic voters that he is able to run as a party reformer, promising a level of change that still scares the shit out of the party.

I’m not sure why people are surprised by any of this. Bernie isn’t a Democrat. He is a very proud Independent who labels himself a Democratic Socialist. He has been registering as a Democrat when he runs for President because he knows it increases his chances of winning. Because, without that big D after his name, he won’t get the political wind at his back that comes from running in a primary organized by one of the two big parties in America.

On the other hand, I don’t know about you but I am terrified of what will happen if Donald Trump gets a second term. So much so that I have every intention of voting for the Democratic candidate, whoever it is, in the general election. And I am not alone. The DNC knows lots of people feel that way. Which begs the question, why would they risk alienating Bernie’s legion of supporters? 

The answer itself is simple, they’re doing it for the same reason a concert venues charge you $7.50 for a bottle of water. Because, who the hell else can you turn to?!

Sure, there are other candidates and other political parties.But when the stakes are this high, a protest vote becomes nothing more than a vote against anyone who’s running against Trump. And passing on negative rumors or stories about any of the democratic candidates is akin to endorsing Trump’s brand of politics. Just don’t do it. Instead, spend that energy passing on positive stuff about your favorite candidate. The worst thing that will happen is you might slow the spread of negative press. But by not reacting in a knee-jerk fashion, you can deprive your political opponents the pleasure of seeing someone knocked down a few pegs.

If we don’t learn this fact now, we may never get another chance.

Timing is everything…

Last night (2/6/20) Rachel Maddow opened her show by talking about someone named Sununu. In fact she was discussing a phone jamming scandal I JUST wrote about when I said, “It should be noted here that during that particular election, the NH Republican Party “meddled” in the election in what would become known as the “2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal”.” (I swear I had no idea that Republicans were in the middle of doing the exact same thing in Iowa).

Now, my post was purely about me no longer trusting anyone running for anything as a Republican. When I wrote it I thought the Sununus were the perfect illustration to make my point. It looks like I wasn’t the only one.

That being said, maybe we should all keep our eyes on New Hampshire during this year’s Presidential Primary Election this coming Tuesday. It will be held under the watchful eye of our state’s governor, Chris (wait for it…) SUNUNU.

What’s do you think, have they earned the benefit of the doubt yet?