When the truth is found to be lies

Here is why so many people in the Republican party are willing to set aside solid evidence, and instead believe what Donald Trump tells them. The far-right movement of conservatives that has been living on a diet of straight-up conspiracies and lies for so long, that it is second nature to them now. As evidenced by your average conversation these days.

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Bubba Q. Public: “Obama is secretly from Kenya”

Normal Brain Brian: “Seriously, there’s a public records trail a mile wide that refutes all of that.

Bubba Q. Public: “Planted years ago. Them there Muslins think in decades, not days.

Normal Brain Brian: “Did you get upset at some of the stuff his church minister said? That Jeremy Wright guy… You know, from Trinity Church?”

Bubba Q. Public: “Oh sure. You know that guy was part of the human trafficking syndicate. See, there’s this pizza place in Warshington…”

Normal Brain Brian: “Wait! What? I thought you guys said that was a Hillary thing?”


**(about 20 minutes of swearing, and breaking things, and a whole lot of babble about emails, and shills, and back braces, and uranium, and pizza shops, and foundations, and Benghazi, and emails, and Benghazi, and emails…)

Normal Brain Brian: “Are you okay? It sounds like we might have hit a nerve and…”

Bubba Q. Public: “LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!!”

Normal Brain Brian: “There’s no one else around us. Why do you keep chanting and looking around for people to join you? It’s only you and me.”

**(another 20 minutes of ranting and yelling at the salt and pepper shakers on the table…)

Normal Brain Brian: (to self) “Maybe it’s time to lighten up the mood) — “So, how about this weather lately?”

Bubba Q. Public: “You fucking snowflake! Oooh noooo! The world is gonna end because it’s raining out! It’s the big bad global warming! What’s that?? Oh, we had record snowfall this year. BOOM! Take that! You fucking shill.”

Normal Brain Brian: (pauses to come up with something, anything to talk about that doesn’t involve a conspiracy…) — “How about we put all this aside and go grab a cup of coffee?”

Bubba Q. Public: “Coffee?! HAHAHA!!! Suuuure! Yeah, let’s go get some mocha choka burnt crap from Charbucks so we can fund more terrorists coming over the border, I can see right through you and your Commie crap.”

Normal Brain Brian: (Walks away shaking his head, as Bubba screams about winning the argument because of his superior ‘free thinking’ American logic, and telling everyone to ‘Do your homework people!’)


You wait… This is going to be significant

The moment as I saw this headline I felt a thud in my chest, as something very significant just fell into place… this is going to be important.

“These memos and presentations indicate Facebook took the methods it learned from the Trump campaign to further refine a marketing model called “Test, Learn, Adapt” (TLA), which it currently uses to assess its own advertising. These internal documents are a candid recognition by Facebook of the GOP candidate’s advertising success and reveal the degree to which the company views Trump not just as a potential regulator or a source of misinformation, but also, above all, a valued customer.”

It gets worse…

Yes the president is a Russian stooge. Yes he just showed the whole world how much he loves smooching Putin’s ass today.

No one looks good with brown lipstick Donald.

Meanwhile, a real live Russian agent with solid ties to the Republican party and the NRA. was actually actually arrested in the United States on charges of being a witch.

“At the behest of a senior Russian government official, the woman, Mariia Butina, made connections through the National Rifle Association, religious organizations and the National Prayer Breakfast to try to steer the Republican Party toward more pro-Russia policies, court records show. Privately comparing herself to a Soviet Cold War propagandist, she worked to infiltrate American organizations and establish “back channel” lines of communication with American politicians.”
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The fate of the United States is in the hands of a very sick child

Donald Trump is mentally ill. And no, this is not the beginning of a joke, I am very serious. And I don’t mean this the way most people bandy about phrases like, “the guy’s completely nuts”, alluding to the fact that this person is your basic, run-of-the-mill, unhinged egomaniac.

No, Donald Trump began his break with reality in the 1980’s, as he sought constant attention from the press. He saw himself as a persona, and not really as his own person the way most people do of themselves. So, in support of that delusion, he began to sculpt his own mythos. Trump went so far as to produce additional characters out of whole cloth (the most well known of which is, John Barron), whose sole purpose in this dimension was to lift up their hero, Mr. Trump.

But, it was The Apprentice that finally gave Donald a massive dose of that… whatever the hell that thing is that people get exposed to in ‘Celebritopia’, that causes people go all Macaulay Culkin.

That exposure was way too much for the already damaged psyche of Trump. And so, like Voldemort’s damaged soul, Donald’s thinly egg-shelled ego crushed under the weight of having attained its deepest desire: Enough recognition and admiration to finally convince him that it’s all true… Every bit of it is true. He really is that famous, and influential!

It was this Donald Trump that, on January 20, 2017, became the most powerful man on earth, The President of the United States. Of course, the rest of the world sees and knows that there’s no way Donald Trump could have become president on his own merits, not even remotely. And there’s plenty of evidence to show that they’re right. But the inner-Trump, who needs unwavering admiration, can never accept such a preposterous idea.

Trump then dwelt in this twilight reality for a few years, feeding his inner Mr. Hyde a 24 hour diet of Twitter and Diet Coke. It was then that Donald Trump finally achieved a level of self-deceit required to break out of his demented chrysalis, and finally he burst forth in his final, monstrous form.

To think that Vladimir Putin isn’t beside himself with glee over how childishly persuadable the new President of the United States is. Or that he has begun visualizing effigies of himself being erected next to those of Vladimir Lenin’s, then you clearly do not understand the gravity of these current events. Putin sees himself as the father of New Russia, and Donald Trump, Putin’s very own useful idiot, is helping him every step of the way.

Donald Trump isn’t evil in the same deliberate, scheming way that Vladimir Putin is. No, Trump has far more frightening incentives that make him dangerous on so many other levels. And it’s primarily because of this that it’s impossible to tell which reality Trump is inhabiting when he’s making a particular decision. How do you defend against something like that?

Donald Trump doesn’t feel like you and I feel. One of the scariest part about having Donald Trump as a President is that he has about as much emotional connection to his world-altering decisions, as you or I do about purchasing a property during a game of Monopoly. He sees his choices in isolation, not in context. He simply wants to win the game. And the only skills he possesses for such a task are ruthlessness, and self-preservation. The problem is that if Trump doesn’t see or hear the suffering of real people as a direct result of his decisions, then any results are simply too abstract for him to recognize them in connection to the bigger reality. In other words, you and I are as real to him as the little toy pieces on the game board.

The world is a going to be a different place after this meeting. No one in a position of influence has the courage to stop this before it happens. And they’ll be no reversing things once Putin gets his entire foot in the door.

Dibs on the little dog piece.

tick… tick… tick…

Trump dropped hinted about a Red Wave coming in November, and his administration has done absolutely nothing about preventing future attacks on our democratic systems….

Manafort wanted to delay his trials until sometime after November…

McConnell plans on forcing through a Supreme Court appointment before the November election. The nominee has already written opinions on whether a sitting president being immune from indictment or prosecution (guess where he stands)…

Do you think they know something that we don’t?

Donald Trump LOVES Immigrants

President Douchebag

You’ve heard the phrase, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. It’s the empty logic that conservatives use to short circuit gun control arguments.

I say we use the same method for the immigration knuckleheads:

“Immigrant don’t take American jobs, they’re hired by American business owners!”

Right, Donald?

— • — • — • — • — • —

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago asks to hire 61 additional foreign workers using visa

Happy Hypocrisy Day

It took a Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee over a year and a half to be able to officially state that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election. They also concluded that Russia was backing Donald Trump with those efforts (file this under the “No Shit” category).

Of course, this is the same Republican party that just chewed out the Deputy Attorney General because the Special Council is taking too long on a similar investigation that had already yielded 5 guilty pleas and double digit indictments.

Freedom and fairness are alive and well in America! Now get out there and blow a couple of fingers off with an M-80!

It sucks, doesn’t it?

So, news reports have said that members of the Trump administration have been denied service in, and chased out of, businesses they thought they had the right to frequent as a normal customer. It’s completely unfair.

And I hear they’re also having trouble finding dates, or keeping them when they do. People are just walking out in the middle of dates when they find out someone works for the administration. It’s just rude.

No one likes to be judged by others. Especially not before they even get a chance to know you. And something personal, like where you work or what you believe in, shouldn’t affect what restaurant you’re allowed to eat in… Right?