VPNFilter Malware Warning – Reboot Your Router

There’s a sneaky bit of malware going around.
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Trump’s goons muscle into classified White House Russia briefings… Yes, really.

This! This right here! This shit is classic heavy-fucking-handed, Russian mob, Putin-style stuff!

This man will not stop. Not for business norms. Not for political norms. Not for social norms. Not for the law.

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National-security experts and legal experts were “gobsmacked” by senior White House officials’ attendance Thursday at a classified briefing about the Russia investigation and a suspected FBI informant on the Trump campaign.
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Time for the NFL to go

The NFL has decided that they’re willing to take sides against their own players in a senseless culture war started by Donald Trump decided last year.

Apparently it wasn’t enough that they have been covering up the long term effects of concussions for decades. Now they’re willing to destroy the player’s lives while they’re playing, as well as after they retire. All in the name of almighty profits.

Meanwhile, the original purpose of the protest is still going strong, as unarmed black men continue to get shot and killed by the police paid to protect them.

This is a man who is very scared of his boss

Mike Pompeo recently had to answer some questions in committee. During the hearing, Congressman Ted Lieu asked a pretty straight forward question. One that could have easily been dispatched with a “yes or no” answer. Instead, here is how Pompeo answered. Stuttering and stammering, like a kid who knows he’s going to get the shit beat out of him when his father gets home.

Below is the exchange, but it’s far more entertaining to watch him stutter and squirm in is seat.

Congressman Ted Lieu: “Do you believe there is a criminal ‘deep state’ at the State Department?”

Secretary Mike Pompeo: “I-I don’t… I haven’t… seen the… c-comments from the President. I… I don’t believe there’s a deep state at the State Department.”

— • —

This really shows us just how inspired, confident, and trusted, Trumps cabinet members feel these days.

Judge rules Trump can’t block users on Twitter

I never really thought about it, thank God this judge did. No way should Trump, or anyone else, be able to selectively block certain Americans from getting information put out by the President directly to the public, the way he always wanted it.

He is the one who picked Twitter as his primary medium, not us. You know he never bothered to think that he was also giving every knucklehead, troll, and anti-Trump resistance, direct access to the President of the United States!

And by the way, it REALLY bothers him if negative tweets about him go viral.

hint hint

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I hereby demand…

1.) The FBI using undercover informants to investigate whether a foreign power is infiltrating any U.S. presidential campaign is a GOOD thing! We want them to look for that kind of stuff you fucking wing-nut.

2.) Just because you’re obsessed with Obama, doesn’t mean he gives two shits about you (except for the whole “besmirching the Oval Office” thing, I’m guessing.)

3.) “I hereby demand” makes you sound like the second coming of King George III. Remember that guy?! (The raw paranoia, ‘in your face’ sense of entitlement, and 140 character vocabulary, are some nice modern touches. Own that shit!)

America First!

America First: Trump’s slogan.

I don’t really agree with it because I know there’s a lot more beneath the surface on this one, but I get it.

He’a proud of it, and proclaimed, “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first, America first.” This is the kind of thing that drives progressives crazy, because his supporters like to remind them that he keeps his campaign promises. And America First is one of those.

Therefore, when those Russians reach out and offer help to you as a candidate and offer to help you win the election, you don’t act like a moron and bring that information straight to the FBI like Al Gore did! No! You accept that meeting, and gather dirt on Democrats as fast as you can. Remember, Russia is helping you put America First! That’s why no one needs undercover FBI agents poking around looking for Russian spies in their campaign… It’s Un-American!

When Vladimir Putin told you that he didn’t mess with our election, you let us know that you believed him! You have to do that. It’s the only way you can hold your intelligence community accountable, so we can start putting America First!

And you helped a Chinese company get back to work! Because when China gave you that half billion dollar loan, you knew it was going to help your business investments… And that’s going to help your whole family! So, thank you for demonstrating how we should all put America First!

Official responds to shooting by calling for fewer school doors

You don’t get to this level of batshit crazy overnight.

No… You have to spend years consuming a steady diet of nothing but mind-numbing-common-sense-destroying-absolutely-bonkers conspiracies and ideas.

You need years of believing that military exercises are the really the way The New World Order will secretly attack us.

You have to be willing to buy the idea that it’s possible there was a sex ring being run by a goddamn presidential candidate, who was doing it out of the basement of a pizza shop that doesn’t even have a damn basement.

You need to be willing to think the laws of physics cease to exist if someone performs a homosexual act, and therefore hail stones the size of truck-balls will fall in East Butt Munch, Missouri.

You have to be willing to overlook most of reality, and accept the idea that there is a parallel universe, and in it there’s a company where you can actually rent ‘actors’ to play high school students who are willing to get shot at?!

Only after lengthy vomit-inducing diet of this crap, could you really believe that MORE GUNS AND LESS ESCAPE ROUTES IS A GOOD FUCKING IDEA!!! Because, where else can they lay the blame that isn’t on fucking guns?! This time the school even had full active shooter plan, as well as a that NRA magic fix-all, “a good guy with a gun”!

— • — — • — — • — — • — • —

Texas’s lieutenant governor reacted to a deadly school shooting by suggesting schools have too many doors. “We may have to look at the design of our schools moving forward and retrofitting schools that are already built. There are too many entrances and too many exits”, Dan Patrick said during a press conference after a gunman killed at least 10 people at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas.
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Love and Sacrifice

So I’m sitting here watching some of the royal wedding stuff, when they show both William and Harry walking along in uniform. And while I don’t totally ‘get’ royalty, I quickly grasped something completely different from this scene.

It occurred to me that, traditionally the British Monarchy has always laid their lives on the line for their country and crown. In fact, Prince Harry actively fought in Afghanistan through two tours, and was considered a high value target to the enemy. That is as real as it gets. And that is also a sacrifice that many of us understand all too well.

And while Americans like to think we are so much more advanced because we are no longer tied to those barbaric royal traditions, everything is not what it seems.

Sure, we famously spearheaded the ideas of the democracy. We developed radical ideas, such as, we would now trust in our citizenry to defend and run the country. We were no longer willing to trust some out-of-touch royal bum-sniffer, so removed from the struggles of daily life, that they have no clue as to what their subjects have to go through in their daily lives to survive. And worse yet, the same out of touch rulers think it’s only proper that they pass on this power to their clueless heirs.

Except, that’s not really what’s happening, is it?

Instead, as I watch Prince Harry gets married in his military uniform, I can intuitively conclude that this prince who is all the way over in Great Britain has far more in common with everyday people, than President Bone Spurs ever could, or even wants to. Because in America, political power will always get you out of military service, if you don’t want to go.

It seems as though our “representative government” went off the rails somewhere along the way. Instead, this morning millions of Americans spent the early hours of the day, fantasizing that they were somewhere, and maybe even someone else, at least for a few hours.